THE TROLL THAT WON'T END: Knowles Scores YUGE Book Deal For Blank Book Mocking Democrats

Continuing his journey along the path of the troll that just won't end, Daily Wire Cultural Correspondent Michael Knowles has cashed in on a massive book deal for his self-published and Amazon top-selling book titled Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide.

Did I mention the book is completely blank? Because it's completely blank.

Knowles' deal, which is rumored to be in the six-figure range, was announced in the April 3 issue of Publishers Weekly.

"Michael J. Knowles's self-published best-seller, Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide, sold in a world rights deal to Natasha Simons at Threshold Editors," reads the exclusive announcement. "Threshold, which said the book sold 70,000 copies in its first week on sale, will publish its trade paperback edition on April 11."

The 26-year-old Yale graduate seemingly started the book in good fun, though he's said in a past interview with The Washington Post that he wholly agrees with the book's thesis: the Democrat Party is currently offering no valid reasons to vote for them, as evidenced by their continued loss of seats in the House, Senate and even the presidency.

The eruption in sales following the book's release also confirms Knowles' sentiment. The mostly blank book, save chapter titles like Values and Civil Rights and an "extensive bibliography," became Amazon's best selling book world wide within a month of it's release. Knowles also gained international media attention for his trolling, appearing in The Washington Post, the BBC and The Hill, among other outlets.

Speaking with Daily Wire's Andrew Klavan on The Andrew Klavan Show, Knowles announced that there will be a second edition to Reason to Vote for Democrats, which will be "more concise" than its first edition. The troll master also gave us a glimpse into the bidding war for the book, though he would neither confirm nor deny the six-figure deal when Klavan inquired.

"You got six-figures for a blank book?!" asked an incredulous Klavan.

"I can neither confirm nor deny it," answered Knowles with smirk on his face.

Klavan, an author of books with actual words in them, offered Knowles a wish many other authors of books with actual words in them might be feeling: "I do hope that you are hit by a car."

Bless Troll King Knowles and his undeniable wit.

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