A Hair-Raising Tale: Michelle Obama Goes 'Natural' (Gasp!)

Never has a picture of a former first lady caused such a fuss on social media.

But Twitter and Facebook exploded after a shot of Michelle Obama was posted by Twitter user @meagnacarta. The photo showed, as described by Taryn Finley, the "black voices associate editor" at The Huffington Post, "a photo of Obama rocking her natural hair in a low puff and gray polka dot headband, presumably wearing the purest grade of shea butter."

Said @meagnacarta:

No one even knows when the photo was taken, but social media gorged like it was fresh meat.

In a day, the original tweet was resent 31,000 times and liked 86,000 times.

So, why does this matter to the masses? Said the Daily Mail:

They celebrated the former FLOTUS for partaking in the natural hair movement that has been making waves within the black community for the past few years.

The fight for curls aims for women of African decent or anyone who has a curlier hair texture to stop using chemical products on their hair in order to conform with society's standards of beauty and hair.

Instead, it pushes for women to wear styles that protect their natural hair or to wear their curls as they naturally come.

Said Finley:

Sentiments were reminiscent of when Obama was spotted on vacation with her husband rocking the cutest braids shortly after the 2017 inauguration.

In a 2015 interview with The Root, Obama’s hair stylist Johnny Wright said Obama has been natural for several years. He said if Obama did abandon a fresh press for her ‘fro, it would possibly be during vacation.

Obama has kept a busy and relatively low-profile life since leaving the White House in January. She’s made a couple of surprise visits to students at Washington, D.C. schools, signed a major book deal with Penguin Randomhouse and is just living life enjoying museums, restaurants and SoulCycle.

Live your best life, Michelle.

Well, at least the mainstream media is covering Michelle's hair. Forget that silly story that Barack Obama's National Security adviser unmasked the names of people his administration was surveilling. Hair is much more important.


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