On March 27, former Black Panther member and leader of the Communist Party USA Angela Davis spoke at George Washington University at an event hosted by Students for Justice in "Palestine," the GW Black Student Union, and the GW Feminist Student Union to talk about social justice and the non-existent state of "Palestine."

Davis, who was once on the FBI's Most-Wanted List for providing weapons to her fellow Black Panther terrorists who took hostages and committed a massacre in a Marin County courthouse, falsely accused Israel of committing "ethnic cleansing" and called for its de facto destruction in an attempt to liberate "Palestine." She argued for Israel's destruction under the guises of social justice and "anti-colonialism."

We say no to Israel’s ethnic cleansing strategies. In standing up against the racism of the state of Israel, we are passionately saying no to anti-Semitism as well. This is supposed to be the dismantling of the era of Israeli occupation of Palestine. It has been long and coming.

According to Davis, it is not anti-Semitic to defend the same position of genocidal terrorist groups like Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization, which have a long history of inciting Palestinians to kill any Jews who are occupying "Palestine." Not only is the "occupation" a fiction, but it also rewrites archeological history that the Jewish people have lived in the land of Judea for over 3,500 years.

In addition to defending the same position as Hamas, Davis claimed that Israel acquires its tear gas that it uses to disrupt Palestinian-Arab riots in Judea and Samaria from the same company that provided tear gas to the police at Ferguson, Missouri. This talking point is common amongst Black Lives Matter activists and Hamas apologists trying to appeal to emotions between the African-American community and the Palestinian-Arab community.

Pastor Dumisani Washington of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI) has written that the Palestinian National Movement cannot be compared to the struggles of black America. He said this in particular about terrorism:

Other than Nat Turner and a few rebellious slaves whom history has forgotten, Black victims of oppression never possessed the means to offer armed resistance to our oppressors during slavery. After slavery (and due to the legal right to purchase guns), Black Americans were able to arm themselves, but had no access to rockets, rocket launchers, IEDs or other explosives.

If Black Americans had been able to fight with weapons, you can be certain that blowing up our sons and daughters would not have been a strategic option. Ever. Under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, Angela Davis cheapens the struggle of black America in comparing it to the struggle of terrorist organizations bent on the genocide of the Jewish people and the complete destruction of Jewish self-determination in the name of "social justice."

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