3 Reasons America Should Be Thrilled Trump Staffers Are Worth Billions

According to the left-wing Washington Post, it is not only BIG NEWS that 27 of President Donald Trump's aides and staffers enjoy a net-worth north of $2 billion, it is also ominous and scary news, something that is supposed to be worrisome and troubling. This of course is a flaming pile of Fake News, a partisan missile of hypocrisy from a newspaper that adores the Kennedy dynasty, reveres Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and endorsed John Kerry -- all three of which were/are rich beyond mortal comprehension.

Oh, and let's not forget that The Washington Post itself is a bauble owned by Jeff Bezos, no less than the second richest man in the world, a man who makes even Trump look like a pauper.

WaPo wants to make it sound as though all this wealth simply equals out-of-touch corruption, that this news is automatically a bad thing, as though we have all forgotten how the Clintons entered the White House of moderate means and left, not only with our furniture, but with the kind of desperate, grasping greed usually saved for Dickens' novels. The corruption that followed was breathtaking.

Rich, poor, black, white… people are people. Net worth has little to do with character. But it does tell us something about the people Trump hired to run his administration, and most of it is good…

1. They Are Making a Financial Sacrifice To Serve Their Country

As Don Surber points out (you should read his take on this), from Reince Priebus (who previously made $500K per year) to Gary Cohn (previously made $40M per year) to Kellyanne Conway (previously made $800K per year) to Jason Greenblatt (previously made $1M per year), many of these folks are taking massive pay cuts to serve their country.

And for that, we should be grateful. This doesn't automatically mean they are virtuous. We might later learn there was some abuse as a means to further enrich themselves. But as of right now, there is no proof of anything other than a huge financial sacrifice, and for that we should say thank you.

During the last administration, the top White House staffer salary was $177K.

2. Competence

After 8 years of being ruled by Barack Obama's theorists, technocrats and PHDs, after 8 years of nothing but greater chaos around the world and an economy that only made the super wealthy even wealthier, I am more than ready to put in charge those who have had some actual experience and success in the Real World.

Who knows better what it takes to get an economy moving than those who have spent all of their adult lives, not only working in this economy but succeeding wildly in it?

Barry never held a real job in his life. Neither did too many of his professorial staffers. In fact, through universities and government, way too many of them spent their adult lives on the government teat.

Is it any wonder Barry delivered the worst economic "recovery" in nearly a hundred years?

3. Too Rich To Be Bought?

As Surber points out, all this wealth "shows [that Trump staffers] are too rich to be bought, as liberals said of John Kerry, Jay Rockefeller, and Jack Kennedy."

Everyone is corruptible, including the wealthy, but Surber is correct, that is the argument Leftists like The Washington Post used to sell their favored, super-wealthy candidates -- that the fact they are already super-wealthy means no one can buy them.

I don't buy that, but it is probably safe to say that it will take more than a lucrative speaking fee to convince a wealthy Trump staffer to sell-off 20% of America's uranium to the Russians.

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