Hillary Exploits Children To Sell 'War On Women' Theme

In one more tired attempt to woo voters by using the time-honored Democratic Party technique of exploiting children, Hillary Clinton made it clear Tuesday that there’s nothing like having a vagina to qualify you for the presidency:

The video embedded with the tweet shows a series of young girls writing letters to Hillary because they are excited about having a woman president. The dialogue is comprised of a series of snippets of young girls reading phrases that combine for one seemingly coherent message. Line by line, the dialogue reads like this, (with parenthetical comments attached.)

Dear Mrs. Clinton:

My name is Scout and I’m nine years old. (So far, so good.)

I’m so excited you have a chance to become the first woman president.

Because from George Washington to Barack Obama, it is ridiculous that they have never had a female president before. (It is also ridiculous that they have never had someone 6’6” or taller if we are going to focus on physical attributes rather than someone’s values, but then, NBA stars make much more money and are not interested.)

44 boys is too many. (Whoops! The truth is that Grover Cleveland was elected as our 22nd and 24th president, so there have been only 43, but who’s counting. What difference does it make?)

It will be hard work to be a grandma and president. I know you can do it. (Hillary is everyone’s ideal of the perfect grandmother, except for the babies slaughtered by the abortion industry which she champions, of course.)

I hope you can encourage people to help and save the earth. (How about just saving four people in Benghazi for a start. No? Too busy?)

Fight for world peace. (This to the woman who kissed terrorist Yasser Arafat’s wife when she claimed Israel dropped poison candy to Palestinians.)

I would like to see an end to the killing by guns. (You're talking to the woman who equates gun control opponents with terrorists; if she gets her way, the only ones left with guns will be terrorists, not law-abiding citizens, so you're right; after they slaughter us, the killing should stop. )

You inspire me so that I can … (Don’t finish that sentence.)

Isn't everyone sick to death of the Democratic Party despicably using children to sell their candidates?

If Hillary Clinton was the president then a lot of girls could be president and I could be the president and all the girls after that could be president. (Here’s a thought, young lady, even if Hillary is not elected you have that chance.)

If you would like help with your campaign, I would be available, and I would work for candy. (Until you reach the age of consent. Bill said if you work privately with him all sorts of perks will be offered.)

Isn't everyone sick to death of the Democratic Party despicably using children to sell their candidates? They've been doing it since 1964; remember the infamous LBJ ad featuring girl picking daisies as the nuclear bomb went off?

Enough is enough.

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