University Of Arkansas To Students: Calling Millennials 'Lazy' Is 'Biased'

The University of Arkansas has recently published a "tip sheet" on inclusive writing encouraging students to avoid describing millennials as “lazy” because it “shows bias by insulting an entire demographic rather than seeking to understand that demographic.” According to school administrators, my generation just has “a different idea of the value of work than other generations.” This politically correct euphemism is not a way to be more tolerant, it is just the latest result of relativism on our nation’s college campuses.

Relativism espouses “that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, or historical context, and are not absolute.” Everything from morality, to logic, to ethics is not absolute, because it is only a result of random occurrences in anthropological history. Under the notion of relativism, anything is true as long as you think or feel that it is true.

The claim that “all truth is relative” is an absolute claim, and is thus self-defeating. Despite this, it’s one of the textbook tools of the Left, because it allows them to claim the moral high ground on almost any issue. On college campuses, liberal students and professors have used relativism to institutionalize their ideology on campus.

After using relativism to redefine what is right and wrong, the Left simply calls anyone who disagrees intolerant, and then shuns them as a moral heretic. On campus, this has created support for safe spaces, free speech restrictions, and the silencing of contrary political opinions. If relativism defines all opposed to it as morally bankrupt, it’s no wonder that school administrators are so often siding with the Left.

The University of Arkansas has decided that in their relativistic world, laziness is not a real thing. It is simply a cultural construct, with a definition that varies from generation to generation. If you don’t feel like studying for finals, you just have “a different idea of studying.” Or if you don’t feel like going to class, you just have “a different idea of learning.”

If the University of Arkansas claims that students are not lazy, and I claim that they are, we are both right under their worldview. This cannot possibly be true.

It’s quite ironic that the University of Arkansas’ motto is "Veritate Duce Progredi," or "To Advance with Truth as our Leader." These absurd conclusions are the logical result of a university system which believes that they have the right to selectively define what is true and false, with no regard for what is actually true.

Vero nihil verius, there is nothing truer than truth.

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