Student Claims He Was Suspended From Class After Contradicting Muslim Professor Who Said Jesus Wasn’t Crucified

A student is claiming that he was suspended from his class at Rollins College after contradicting his Muslim professor over anti-Christian theories.

“Twenty-year-old Marshall Polston, a sophomore at the private, Florida-based four-year college, said that the professor of his Middle Eastern Humanities class also told students that Jesus’ disciples did not believe he was God,” reports The College Fix.

Polston mainly took issue with Professor Areej Zufari's allegation that Christ’s crucifixion, the seminal moment in Christianity, never occurred.

As a devout Christian, Polston has traveled the Middle East extensively, educating himself about other religions that have flourished in the region in the days since Christ wore his crown and thorns and carried the cross through the dusty pathways of ancient Judea.

The young student says that his confrontational encounter with his Muslim professor made him recall some research he conducted about the obstinacy of radical Islamists.

“Honestly, it reminded me of some of the more radical groups I researched when abroad,” Polston stated. “Whether religious or not, I believe even those with limited knowledge of Christianity can agree that according to the text, Jesus was crucified and his followers did believe he was divine… that he was God. Regardless, to assert the contrary as academic fact is not supported by the evidence.”

According to Polston, the Muslim professor began acting out in retribution after she was challenged about the historical accounts of Jesus.

The student received a low-grade of 52% on a major essay shortly after the fateful encounter.

Doubling-down on her dogmatic teaching-style, Zufari then led a discussion about the applications of Islamic Sharia Law.

During the discussion, one male Muslim student in the classroom even went so far as to argue that adulterers and homosexuals should have their heads chopped off.

“I spoke out to the professor about the grade and subsequently the decapitation comments made by the student,” Polston told The College Fix. “The statement by the conservative Muslim student met such fear by some that one of the students reported it to the FBI. Later, I was reported by the professor to the dean of campus safety. The situation was surreal. We’ve already had one too many attacks in Orlando and as an avid traveler I realized this was the perfect example of ‘see something, say something.’”

When Polston was suspended on March 24, he received a letter that read, in part, “actions have constituted a threat of disruption within the operations of the College and jeopardize the safety and well-being of members of the College community and yourself.”

The college, however, claims that Polston violated the terms of his suspension by standing near a window outside of Zufari’s class.

“Campus safety was immediately notified and responded at 19:36 hours. A search was conducted but Mr. Polston was not found,” said the college. “Ms. Zufari’s students were upset and did not feel comfortable being in the class. Ms. Zufari dismissed her class early at 20:07 hours.”

Polston adamantly refutes these allegations.


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