Bitter Loser Throws Shade At President Trump

Just when you thought you'd never see Jeb Bush again, he bobs back up to the surface to vent his bitterness over getting clobbered in the 2016 primaries.

Jeb (or as he was known on his campaign signs, "Jeb!") mustered up a little energy in a lengthy interview on that well-known Sunday news program that every informed citizen watches – no, not NBC's Meet the Press, but WFOR's Facing South Florida.

In the interview, Jeb said Trump "should stop saying things that aren't true."

"He's a distraction in and of himself... He's got a lot of work to do, and some of these things – the wiretapping and all of this stuff – is a complete distraction that makes it harder to accomplish the things I know he wants to do."

Bush, who Trump perfectly nicknamed "Low Energy Jeb" as he steam rolled over him in the primaries, had more bile to vent. Trump, he said, "hasn't shifted to being president in the way that people are used to, and I think that's the problem, I would say. The strength is that he's acted in a good way and lifted people's spirits in terms of economic growth and job creation. But he's a distraction in and of himself by creating all of these, through Twitter and...”

The interviewer interrupted Bush to ask, “Should he stop tweeting?”

“He should stop saying things that aren't true that are distractions from the task at hand,” Bush said. "My whole approach to this is to watch his deeds, not his words. His actions matter in terms of the long-term consequences for people."

Jeb had a few good things to say. "I love the [Neil] Gorsuch pick. I love Betsy DeVos. I think the generals he's picked, which it's pretty extraordinary to have that many generals, but they're all people of great integrity. General [John] Kelly, who lived here, is a patriot. General [James] Mattis, Rex Tillerson – these are all top-notch people, and he's been decisive on the regulatory side, where he has unique control."

On his own failings, he thinks voters picked with their hearts, not their heads in the 2016 primaries. "Reasoning, in this environment where people are angry, is hard, and I wasn't capable of giving them a sense that there is a better path. President Trump's great skill was to understand that."

And while he said he's happy sitting on the sidelines, he wouldn't “rule out anything" on another run for office.

Town dogcatcher, maybe?

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