A House Fire Rescue, Underage Drinking, An Arrested Teacher, And A Naked Woman: Spring Break In Santa Rosa

The most bizarre spring break trip of all time includes a heroic rescue of underage girls from a burning home, a naked woman found in the middle of the road, and a lot of illegal underage drinking hosted by a substitute teacher and chaperone from the same Alabama school district.

Did I mention everyone goes to jail? Because everyone goes to jail.

According to WKRG News, a substitute teacher from an Alabama school district was arrested last Friday after Santa Rosa, Florida, officers were informed of a buck naked woman found in the middle of the road.

Upon arriving at the home at which the naked woman was partying, police found underage individuals, alcohol, marijuana, and pills. There, Walton Johnson, a 28-year-old intoxicated teacher, admitted to being the guardian at the party, and was promptly arrested. Twenty-one minors were arrested for possession of alcohol, and 13 notices were issued for minors to appear in court.

In an odd twist, some of the same boys who were arrested for underage drinking with their substitute teacher on Friday were praised for their heroic rescue of underage girls from a house fire just days prior — girls who were eventually arrested for underage drinking with a different Alabama school district-linked adult.

"Just the morning before, deputies say, a chaperone from the same school district, Misty Dell Brooks, 42, was also arrested for [an] open house party. Deputies say they found several underage students, mostly girls, with alcohol," reports WKRG.

The boys had rescued the girls from a home located across the street from them which burst into flames. "The boys rushed across the street and helped young girls staying in that home get out safely. Those young girls, it turns out, were the same ones arrested in the house party bust involving Misty Dell Brooks. They had relocated to another house, deputies say, and threw an illegal party."

Quite an eventful spring break.


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