A bill that would have made former President Barack Obama's birthday a statewide holiday in Illinois failed in the state legislature.

CNN reports that the bill was first proposed by state Rep. Sonya Harper (D-Chicago) on January 20, to turn August 4 into a state holiday.

"The fourth day of August of each year shall be a legal holiday to be known as Barack Obama's Birthday to be observed as a day on which to hold appropriate exercises in commemoration of our illustrious President," the bill stated. "When August fourth shall fall on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be held and considered the holiday."

Harper felt like the holiday would be needed because Obama "did great work for the state of Illinois and our country, and I believe we need to do our part in preserving that history." She also stated that Obama "helped me to get motivated, get up in my community and organize my community to be the change that we want to see, and we are seeing right now on the ground."

Critics of the bill were concerned about the economic impact on the state if government buildings were shut down for a day; they also pointed out that home states of former presidents don't always make their birthdays a national holiday. California, for instance, doesn't have Ronald Reagan's birthday as a statewide holiday.

But some of the Republicans in the state legislature were open to having "a more informal day of recognition."

"The concept you are working on here, giving President Obama a day, I think is deserved," said Rep. Steve Anderson (R-Geneva). "I think it's appropriate, but I have a couple of questions about how we are doing it."

The bill ended up failing to pass the Illinois House of Representatives by six votes; it would have gone to the Illinois Senate had it passed. There is a chance that the state legislature might bring the bill back for a vote at some point.

The state legislature is also considering naming I-294 the "President Barack Obama Tollway" and naming part of I-55 the "Barack Obama Expressway." Obama's presidential library will be built in Chicago.

After all the damage Obama did to the country for the past eight years, The Right Scoop had the perfect response to the bill failing: "Bwahahahaha!"

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