Iranian Dictator: The Joos Are Behind Women Working

The Islamic Republic of Iran is no stranger to extreme anti-Semitism. When the country’s theocratic mullahs aren’t hosting their annual Holocaust cartoon contest, they are peddling historically-fraught conspiracy theories about Jewish world domination vis-a-vis the “Zionist regime.” On Sunday, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei took his Jew-hating delusions one step further, claiming that the “Joos” (as every card-carrying anti-Semite likes to say) are behind the Western plot of gender equality. The West's push for women’s rights, argued the Iranian dictator, is part of the “Zionists’ plot” to “destroy human community.”

The Muslim misogynist shared his eloquent theories about gender politics in a series of tweets on Twitter.

Khamenei’s tweets were meant to honor the birthday of Fatimah Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet Mohammad. In addition to demonizing the West’s modern conception of “gender justice,” the dictator expounded on Fatimah’s role as a positive role model for Muslim women.

Keep in mind that this is the same theocrat who has faithfully upheld a decree forcing women to don hijabs, lest their flowing hair catch the attention of the male gaze and trigger the erotic passions of uncontrollable lust.

To wit, Iran’s clerics have come up with countless ways to control the female body, through legislation, intimidation, and physical force.

What better way to continue suppressing women’s freedoms than to associate women’s rights with radical Islam's favorite enemy: the Joos?


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