On Thursday night's The Rachel Maddow Show, the MSNBC host was accidentally called "sir" by New Jersey Democrat, Rep. Bill Pascrell.

“Congressman, thanks for being with us tonight, sir,” said Maddow to Pascrell.

“Thank you, sir," he said, before quickly correcting himself. “Ma’am.”

Maddow, to her credit, handled it perfectly. The MSNBC host immediately let out a laugh; even joking about how frequently she gets misgendered.

“It’s all right, I answer to both," she said. "It’s actually quite convenient in unexpected places. You’d be surprised.”


However, Maddow did make a fool of herself earlier in the week, when she breathlessly announced that she was going to release President Donald Trump's tax returns. Instead of exposing Trump as a tax-shielding Scrooge McDuck with nefarious ties to Russia, she revealed that the president is an upstanding citizen who paid a whopping $36 million in income tax in 2005 alone.