Apparently still angry over President Trump un-following him on Twitter, NBC's Joe Scarborough, who anchors MSNBC's Morning Joe, floated a completely unsubstantiated conspiracy theory about Trump being the source of his own illegally leaked 2005 tax returns; a story his own network overheated (to say the least) Tuesday night and is now, some 12 hours later, still blowing up in their face.

In what looks like an attempt to deflect from the fallout that has turned his network into this week's national laughingstock, and without a shred of evidence to back his claim, a seemingly unhinged Joe Scarborough tweeted out the following rant early Tuesday morning:

Scarborough has absolutely nothing to substantiate the wild-eyed claim that Trump is the secret source of the his own "cherry-picked" tax return, and yet here he is, BIG AS LIFE, a high-profile NBC News anchor tweeting this out as fact.

What makes this especially noxious is the rabid hypocrisy, is the fact that Scarborough, along with his NBC/MSNBC colleagues, have been among the most vocal liars smearing Trump over the crumbling pile of Fake News that is RussiaGate, and over what Scarborough and NBC claim are Trump's own "unsubstantiated claims." Although there is plenty of evidence (including in The New York Times) that the Obama Administration wiretapped Team Trump, ever since the President made that claim, Scarborough has been blasting Trump as a liar and conspiracy theorist.

Apparently, only our elite media is allowed to float unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

Moreover, Scarborough's claim that this tax return is "cherry-picked" does not come anywhere close to standing up in the face of the facts we already have. The seven years of Trump's federal tax returns we are aware of show that Trump suffered losses for three of those years, and obviously paid no tax. But in the four years Trump did claim an income, his average tax rate was a substantial 32.5%.

In 2005 alone, Trump's 25% tax rate was higher than Scarborough's own employer, Comcast, which owns NBC News (24%). Trump's tax rate was high than that of Barry Obama (19%), Bernie Sanders (13%), and Joe Biden (23%).

My guess is that Trump's 25% rate is probably higher than the rate Scarborough paid.

And if NBC News believes Trump leaked his own returns, why in the world did the network play up the story Tuesday night like it was the second coming of Watergate? No one forced NBC News to rub this egg all over its face. That was a choice these Fake News Hucksters made all on their own.

Anyway, I hope our national media is done pretending they are opposed to "unsubstantiated claims," especially when they are the ones most guilty of them. If you don't believe me, just look at the unending Fake News sprees involving RussiaGate and TaxGate.

P.S. I have already published my own theory about who illegally released Trump's taxes to NBC News -- see here.

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