Last week, transgender pastor S. David Wynn scolded supporters of a transgender bathroom bill proposed in Texas, called Senate Bill 6.

The bill mandates public schools and public buildings allow bathroom entry based on sex reflected on one's birth certificate, not "gender identity." Private entities are free to set bathroom and locker-room policy as they see fit.

The religious leader from Fort Worth's Agape Metropolitan Community Church shouted to a crowd of bill opponents, "God is transgender!" Wynn also lamented religious folks "using God as an excuse to hate people."

According to Wynn, God is transgender because he created both male and female in his own image.

"In the beginning, God created human kind, in God’s image, God created them male and female, so God is transgender!" she said, to massive applause. "So it’s important you all remember that."

"We’re all created in the image of what is holy, and divine, and sacred, and we should all be treated that way," the pastor added.

Apparently responding to Democratic Senator Eddie Lucio Jr., who voted in favor of the bill and cited God to explain his support, Wynn said, "We’re going to stop using God as an excuse to hate people."

Lucio had earlier explained that "God created everything as far as I’m concerned, but especially man and woman."

On Wednesday, Senate Bill 6 passed with a 7-1 vote by the State Senate Affairs Committee, despite Wynn's "God is transgender" Hail Mary.