Video: Iraqi Soldier's Quick Thinking Saves His Comrades From An ISIS Suicide Bomber

In some shocking drone footage making its way across the internet, an Iraqi soldier sacrifices himself when he diverts a suicide bomber's attack in Mosul by blocking the road with his vehicle.

As the white explosive-laden car, driven by an ISIS terrorist, is speeding down the street intent on reaching the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Unit forces on foot (at the bottom of the screen), another Iraqi soldier driving a large vehicle, possibly a Humvee, quickly spots the threat and reverses up to another sitting car, creating a barricade. The bomber is then forced to turn right and then ignites his payload, destroying all three vehicles.

Video below:

According to The Daily Mail, the attack was filmed by an ISIS drone and later uploaded onto the internet.

ISIS terrorists have been surrounded in a small enclave in the northern Iraqi city and are hiding among the remaining civilian population, deploying snipers and suicide car bombs in a desperate bid to hold on.

US soldiers have deployed artillery pieces on the outskirts of the city to provide close support for Iraqi forces battling street by street to retake the city.

Another clip (below) making the rounds, purports to show an ISIS member planting a roadside bomb in Iraq when it suddenly detonates, hurling him into the air like a rag doll.

Watch the poetic justice moment below:


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