Samantha Bee Deletes Video Saying Stage 4 Brain Cancer Patient Has 'Nazi Hair'

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee stepped in it big-time. A voiceover for a video on her show referred to attendees at CPAC as having “Nazi hair” while gleefully ignorant of the fact that one of the young men who was targeted was undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 brain cancer.

As the video showed various young men at CPAC, the voice-over stated, "This year, the bow ties were gone, replaced by Nazi hair, Nazi hair, Nazi hair.”

But then . . .

The Twitter account for Full Frontal later deleted a tweet with the clip of Bee’s gigantic faux pas, but here’s the video:

Bee later offered a quasi-apology:

Which was not universally accepted:

Bee once stated, "You know how people are always like, ‘I wonder why there aren’t more female comedians?’ Maybe it’s because every time a woman opens her mouth to tell a joke, someone tries to put their d*** in it."

This time it was her own foot.

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