Is Your Amazon Echo Spying On You?

With the WikiLeaks dump of Vault 7 data that shows the CIA can – and does – use Samsung smart TVs and other devices to listen into to private conversation, it's fair to wonder if the spy agency has a secret backdoor into all electronic devices.

The Wiki dump of 8,800 documents reveals CIA hacking tools and claims the agency taps into Apple iPhone, Google’s Android and even Amazon’s Kindle, but it doesn't say a word about Alexa.

The new digital home assistants, like Alexa and Google Home, are always on, always listening. If you ask Alexa if it's spying on you, it says, "I only send audio back to Amazon when I hear you say the wake word." So, that means it's always listening, and then, when it's awake, it sends audio to a third party (kinda' creepy, that).

On Twitter, a poster, Local Business Consulting, put up a short video of a woman asking Alexa just exactly what it's doing. Take a look.

Now, it could be fake – it's not hard to find Alexa's voice and make it say funny things. And also, my Alexa didn't shut down when I asked it: "Are you connected to the CIA?" But it did give this odd answer: "Sorry, I'm having trouble. Please try in a little while."

But it is always listening – and now that we see what the CIA will stoop to, it's fair to say they'd listen in without hesitation.


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