A new poll shows that Americans are getting to know their first lady, and they like her.
Melania Trump's "favorability rating" has jumped 16 percentage points since January 20, according to a CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday in CNN's COVER/LINE newsletter. Some 52 percent have a favorable opinion, up from just 24 percent in February 2016. Her unfavorable rating stands at 31 percent, the poll found.
Of course, just 22 percent of Democrats like her, but what do you expect from the party of tolerance.
Melania is a true rags-to-riches story. She was born in 1970 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia (then part of communist Yugoslavia). Her father was a car dealer, her mother a children's clothes designer. She grew up in a modest home and began modeling at age 16, working in Milan and Paris before moving to New York in 1996.
She launched a jewelry line in 2010, and then a skincare line. She's also been featured in TV Shows and commercials. She became a U.S. citizen in 2006 and is just the second first lady ever born outside of the United States (so, you know, Democrats – the party of immigration, both legal and illegal – ought to love her).
While she is focusing her platform as first lady on the problem of cyber bullying among our youth, she, like Trump's daughter Ivanka, is passionate about helping women and preventing human trafficking.
On Wednesday, she spoke at a luncheon honoring International Women's Day at the White House.
"As an immigrant myself, having grown up in a communist society, I know all too well the value and importance of freedom and equal opportunity – ideals which this great nation was founded and has continued to strive towards throughout its history," she said, CNN reported.
On human trafficking, she said: "There remains far more brutal and terrifying incarnations of actual gender persecution which we must face together, such as forced enslavement, sexual abuse and absolute repression of far too many women and girls around the globe. We must remember these women in our daily prayers and use our combined resources to help free them from such unthinkable and inhumane circumstances."