The left-wing feminists who brought you the vague and vulgar Women's March on Washington have marked March 8 with another rendition of Useless Third Wave Feminism, called A Day Without a Woman.

Women are asked to refrain from "paid and unpaid labor," to only shop at local women and minority-owned shops, and to wear the color red in "solidarity." The protest will apparently help men recognize "the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system--while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity."

(Note: In the United States, the gender wage gap is a myth and sex discrimination and sexual harassment are illegal and bare no evidence as systemic problems, but you already knew this.)

Well, in fitting feminist fashion, it looks like the plan to stick it to The Patriarchy is going to inconvenience a whole lot of working mothers who didn't sign up for the virtue-signaling exercise.

Two school districts, one in Virginia and one in North Carolina, have canceled classes for Wednesday after too many staff members called in to take off for the protest.

"In Alexandria Public Schools in Northern Virginia, more than 300 staff members have asked for the day off, prompting district officials to take the extraordinary step of canceling class. In a note on its website, the superintendent said its 18 schools would not have enough teachers on Wednesday," reports The New York Times.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District in North Carolina also called off classes for Wednesday, after a "significant" number of staffers called in. "The roughly 12,300 students are to stay home, and the day will be an optional teacher workday," notes the Times.

“It is my determination that we will not have enough staff to safely run our school district,” said interim superintendent, Jim Causby.

So, um, how does this stick it The Patriarchy, exactly? What about the working women now scrambling to find someone to watch their kids at the last minute? Or the single moms who can't afford to take a day off or pay someone to watch their children because you want to virtue signal? Are they just collateral damage?

It looks like it.

This backfire shows how silly Western feminism has become. Instead of, perhaps, addressing the issue of widespread single motherhood, demanding more from men, or, God forbid, looking globally to actual systemic female oppression, feminists are inventing victimhood and hurting less affluent women in the process of "protesting" against it.

Get a clue, "feminists."