Guess Why The British Terrorism Rate Has Tripled In Five Years

A new 1,000-page report published by the British think-tank The Henry Jackson Society has revealed that roughly 10% of the UK’s Islamist terrorists come from just five ward councils in Birmingham.

“This is more than the whole of West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Lancashire combined, even though their Muslim population is higher at 650,000,” reports The Daily Mail. “Only five wards in Birmingham – Springfield, Sparkbrook, Hodge Hill, Washwood Heath and Bordesley Green – account for 26 terrorists.”

The specified neighborhoods in Birmingham are jihadist breeding grounds, according to the security think-tank’s terrorism map.

A shocking “26 of the 269 jihadis came from the highly segregated neighborhoods,” notes the Mail. “Bombing is the most common type of offence planned or committed but there has been an 11-fold increase in plots involving Islamic State-style beheadings and stabbings.”

Occupied by majority-Muslim populations, these segregated neighborhoods churn out Islamist terrorists like a Salafist mosque in Saudi Arabia, resulting in a sharp spike in terror-related offenses. In fact, the terror rate has tripled in the last five years alone.

Even women are not immune to the siren’s call of jihad. “Women’s involvement in Islamist terrorism in the UK has trebled in the same period from 4 per cent to 11 per cent,” explains the Mail.

It turns out the Islamicization of the United Kingdom is directly correlated with an invariable increase in terrorism. Who would have thought?


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