A custodian at the Holy Child Jesus Church in Queens, New York found a newborn baby boy—weighing only 5 pounds, wrapped in towels, with his umbilical cord still attached—inside the church’s "manger" of their nativity scene. The church pastor, Father Christopher Heanue, confirmed that the "manger baby" is in perfect health and expressed his gratitude and the vital message of life with Fox News.

I’m grateful she brought this baby to life. You know, she gave the best gift that she could give, bringing this child to life,” said Father Heanue. “She chose life and she chose ... our church which is a place for those in need, a place for her child. And Thank God she did.”

The Father spoke of his prays for the mother of the baby and for the “many women who are suffering with this decision.” He also went on to say that he wishes to keep the baby “inside the church family." Apparently, a couple at the church has been actively trying to adopt for some time and Father Heanue believes they could be a viable option for the newborn.

USA Today has confirmed that the mother of the "manger" baby has not been charged as New York state has "safe haven" laws in accordance with the Abandoned Infant Protection Act working to protect those who leave a baby within these "safe havens" (churches, firehouses etc.) from any legal charges.

In a newly released statement, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said, "After a full review of all the facts and circumstances surrounding the discovery of a newborn infant this past Monday in a creche inside of Holy Child Jesus Church in the Richmond Hill section of Queens County (Video via Fox News) including locating and interviewing the mother—my office has determined that no criminal prosecution of the child's mother is warranted."

Although the baby boy has no legal name, the church pastor said that "baby Jesus," "Emmanuel" (God with us) and "John the Baptist" are among the baby's nicknames.

Video via Fox News.