19-Year-Old Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Sexually Abusing 3-Year-Old Female Relative

On Thursday, only one day before he was due for an immigration hearing, a 19-year-old illegal immigrant from Guatemala was arrested for sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl who lived in the same house with him in Stamford, Connecticut.

According to Lt. Tom Barcello, the toddler’s mother, returning from soccer practice at 10:30 p.m., called for an ambulance late Wednesday night when her daughter complained of pain and said Douglas Hus-Flores had touched her. The mother told News 4, "She says 'Douglas hit me.' I asked where, and she showed me her private parts." NBC New York reported, “The mother was in tears as she said, ‘I feel like hot water in my body.’”

The child was transported to Stamford Hospital for injuries and bleeding she had suffered. The hospital doctors examined her and determined there had been a sexual assault. The child was transferred to Yale-New Haven Hospital, according to Barcello, because doctors there are more qualified to investigate a sexual assault of a young child.

According to a police report, Hus-Flores said he heard the girl crying for her mother, and unaware that the mother was not in the house, gave the toddler yogurt to calm her down. He stated he and the girl went downstairs where they sat on a couch; he then sat her on his lap to watch cartoons. He added he “felt lonely and wanted to be with a woman.”

The police report stated that Hus-Flores admitted sexually assaulting the girl; he said he stopped when he realized what was happening. Police said Hus-Flores appears to have been living in Stamford illegally.

Hus-Flores was charged with first-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor.

NBC New York reported, “Flores moved to Connecticut from Guatemala two years ago seeking political asylum, authorities said. He was undocumented, and had been stopped by immigration officials several times."


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