Pedophiles should not be placed in jail for enjoying kiddie porn, according to Britain’s most senior child protection officer, chief constable Simon Bailey.

“Mr Bailey, chief constable of Norfolk Constabulary and lead on child protection at the National Police Chiefs Council, said an increase in reporting of sexual abuse – including historical cases – has led to the policing system reaching ‘saturation point,” reports The Daily Mail.

Instead, Bailey insists that the police should use their resources to strictly target those who rape children.

Failing to recognize that kiddie porn is often a gateway to the physical abuse of children, the chief constable is apparently pushing for decriminalization and rehabilitation for child-porn aficionados.

“How can the police service be expected to cope with all that, if, in the margins, we are still having to deal with what I would describe as very, very low-risk offenders, who, based upon good risk assessments, pose little if any actual threat of contact abuse?,” he opined in a recent interview with The Times. Sexual perverts who look at “low-level images” should be let off the hook.

Unsurprisingly, child advocacy groups are responding with horror to Bailey’s pedophilia apologia.

Such policies would be “extremely unhelpful to child protection,” asserted Peter Saunders, of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood.