Envelopegate Is (Of Course) Trump's Fault

By now you've heard the most alarming news you've ever heard in your entire life: Two presenters at the Academy Awards were given the wrong envelope so they announced the wrong winner but then the right winner was announced and then everyone felt real bad for the losers and real good for the winners but so confused about what the heck just happened and....
But then, as always, the conspiracy theories started. The best, of course, was this one:

Obviously, the whole debacle prompted all kinds of other conspiracy theories. The best (and most likely) is that the Oscars producers saw the enormous buzz Miss Universe got after host Steve Harvey messed up the winner (the networks talked about the story for days) and decided to go for the buzz. Plus, the show's ratings have been dwindling year after year as the Oscars becomes nothing more than a forum to bash Republicans, so the producers were looking to up the buzz.

Then there's the theory that the Oscars powers that be secretly hate "Moonlight" and wanted to overshadow its win.

Still others saw the snafu as a payback for the limousine liberals bashing the president all night.
But most likely, it was just the Russians -- again.

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