WATCH: Leftists Heckle PRAYER During Obamacare Town Hall

The Left, bereft of any semblance of rational behavior since the election of Donald Trump, is showing its true colors with a vengeance, organizing to descend on townhalls offered by Republican members of Congress, and lashing out against Judeo-Christian values and patriotism.

Latest case in point, as noted by Guy Benson of Townhall: on Wednesday in Louisiana, Sen. Bill Cassidy was confronted by nasty leftist protesters during a townhall to discuss Obamacare. As Benson noted, “They shouted and heckled throughout a pastor's opening prayer, then many refused to stand or even maintain any semblance of decorum during the pledge of allegiance, which was led by a local veteran.”

Note the reaction during the prayer after the name of Jesus is mentioned:

And here’s the viciousness during the Pledge of Allegiance:

For any protestations by the Left that they love America, these videos are ample evidence that they will not be satisfied until they rip out the traditional moral underpinnings of America by their very roots.


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