There was a shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest on Monday night, and Black Lives Matter is blaming the shooting on white supremacists.

Five people were shot at the 4th precinct in Minneapolis, and they were reportedly protesters. According to early reports, none of their injuries are life threatening.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis said in Facebook statement, "Tonight, white supremacists attacked the ‪#‎4thPrecinctShutDown‬ in an act of domestic terrorism. We need you here tomorrow. We wont [sic] be intimidated. Students are walking out."

They also linked to bail and legal funds.

Police said they were searching for three shooters. So far, two people have been arrested. One was a 23 year-old white male, and another was a 32 year-old Hispanic male. The names of both have not been released. The police are still searching for suspects.

The protest stemmed from the shooting of Jamar Clark, a 24 year-old black man shot by a Minneapolis police officer. It's not entirely clear what happened, but what's known is that Clark was a suspect in a domestic violence case and was not cooperative with the police. Witnesses say Clark was shot after he was handcuffed, but police say otherwise.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis was protesting the Clark incident on Monday night when the shooting took place. Black Lives Matter contact Miski Noor told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that a "group of white supremacists" appeared at the protest. The Star Tribune also reported that protestors tried to move them away from the protest, and that's when the shooting occurred.

Breitbart has found a video in which two protesters described what happened:

“We go back…we tried to get them to move around,” one man described. “We debate whether they’re white supremacist or not because one of them got a Black Lives Matter sign.”

“One of them started reaching and backing up,” the man said. “They start running back and the crowd started chasing them down there.”

“They running down the block and we turn around,” he added. “I go back.”

“We tell crowd to come back,” the protestor explained. “They continue to run after them… they start opening fire and they let off about eight rounds and they shot five people.”

Breitbart has not confirmed if the video is authentic, however.

The details are still emerging, but so far investigators have not been able to confirm that a "white supremacist" group was behind the shooting, while the report that a Hispanic man was one of the two arrested and differing accounts of how the conflict began complicate the narrative.

Image (via AP): "Hundreds of Black Lives Matter demonstrators and supporters occupy the street in front of the federal building, Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015, in Minneapolis, after marching from the Police Department's Fourth Precinct. The fatal shooting of Jamar Clark, a black man, by a Minneapolis police officer, has pushed racial tensions in the city's small but concentrated minority community to the fore."