After experiencing a humiliating, historic upset at the hands of a former reality TV star who had the whole force of the establishment media pitted against him, Hillary Clinton and her supporters are doing a little "joint therapy session" over the turmoil and flood of unconfirmed (read "fake") reports about the Trump administration.

Despite there being "no evidence" that Trump or anyone associated with him were actually working in cahoots with the Russian government to bring down Clinton, her aides and supporters are pouncing on the deluge of vaguely accusatory reports by the MSM as "proof" that stupid Americans should have chosen the scandal-plagued Hillary instead.

Here's how NBC News — which is clearly joining in on the therapy session — leads into its lengthy story on Team Clinton finding "vindication in Trump troubles":

Hillary Clinton and her supporters are laughing to keep from crying.

After an election in which Donald Trump led chants of "Lock her up!" over Clinton's handling of classified material and public transparency and branded her "the most corrupt candidate ever" over ethics conflicts, President Trump's White House is now under bipartisan fire for multiple stories that Democrats argue outstrip any of their 2016 nominee's alleged transgressions. ...

On social media, Clinton and Obama vets are holding a running joint therapy session as they revel in Trump's misfortune, with even the former Democratic nominee herself getting involved on Tuesday. The schadenfreude is cold comfort for Democrats after a devastating election loss to a man they feel has suffered far fewer consequences for far worse scandals.

NBC goes on to provide some examples of therapeutic "schadenfreude" from the failed candidate's supporters, including this gem:

"What goes around COMETS around," tweeted former Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines. The reference is to the Comet Ping Pong pizza joint made famous by "Pizzagate," the conspiracy theory about a supposed child sex-trafficking ring connected to Team Clinton.

Another sad schadenfreude quote: "Every criticism Trump has made of Hillary Clinton is something he did one hundred times worse," Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, told NBC. Trump, said Tanden, was clearly "projecting" on the campaign trail.

And of course there's Clinton shill David Brock declaring on NBC, "Imagine what would be happening on the Hill if the shoe were on the other foot, and a Clinton administration stood credibly accused of potentially treasonous behavior. Subpoenas would be flying right and left."

Saddest of all, however, is Clinton herself joining the action, actually retweeting Reines' stupid "COMETS" line, adding "he has a point about the real consequences of fake news." Clearly, Clinton is still blaming "fake news" for her failed candidacy, despite common sense and evidence to the contrary.

One of the main targets of Team Hillary is Flynn. "Allies passed around video of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who resigned late Monday, personally leading 'Lock her up!' chants at the Republican National Convention last year and complaining if he did 'a tenth' of what Clinton did he'd be in jail," NBC notes.

But, as NBC underscores, Hillary and her supporters aren't only trying to make themselves feel better by spreading more allegations, retweeting fake news and declaring "Karma is a bitch," they are trying to create pressure to take down Trump:

In interviews with NBC, several veterans of the Clinton campaigned stressed that there's a point behind the pile-on: Building momentum for investigations into the Trump administration, especially over potential ties with Russia during the campaign. In addition to Flynn's conversation with Kislyak, he previously faced scrutiny for a 2015 appearance in Russia at an event where he was seated with Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, as Trump made clear in his epic presser on Thursday, he's still the president and he's certainly not one to sit back quietly as unconfirmed accusations fly.