The establishment media will be disappointed by statements made by FBI officials following the resignation of National Security Advisor Gen. Mike Flynn late Monday night. The bureau has signaled that Flynn will not be facing any charges for his communications with a Russian ambassador prior to Trump's inauguration.

FBI Director James Comey has revealed that shortly after Flynn took office, the FBI interviewed the advisor about his discussions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, which included references to the sanctions imposed by the Obama administration. However, the FBI underscored that the interview was simply part of the FBI's broader investigation into Russia's alleged attempt to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

According to two of NBC's Pete William's unnamed sources, "the FBI doesn't believe Flynn will face legal jeopardy."

"One possible problem for Flynn is if he lied to FBI agents. But the people Williams spoke with don't believe this will be a problem," notes NBC News.

The "opposition" media believes they have Team Trump dead to rights on alleged collusion with the Russian government to steal the election from Hillary Clinton and other nefarious plots. However, as the New York Times' inuendo-filled hit piece published Tuesday admits, so far there is "no evidence of such cooperation" between Trump and his associates and the Russian government.

Though the Times says that its unnamed intelligence sources leaked information about the classified investigation to them suggesting that there is evidence that people affiliated with Trump and his campaign had contact with Russian agents, the paper admits the Trump affiliates could very well have done so "unwittingly" — something that happens often "in countries like Russia and Ukraine, where the spy services are deeply embedded in society."

Meanwhile, the Washington Free Beacon reported on Tuesday that their sources say the leaks against Flynn are a part of a concerted effort by "Obama loyalists" in the intelligence community to take Flynn down for fear of what he might reveal about Obama's Iran deal, about which he was openly critical. Sounds about right, but with all the "no evidence"-based allegations promulgated by the "opposition," the story is increasingly convoluted — which is likely part of the plan of those desperate to topple Trump.

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