Sally Kohn: Impeach Trump, Make Hillary President!

On Wednesday, hyped up on rumors of Russian connections with the Trump administration, CNN commentator Sally Kohn took to Twitter with her proposed solution to the turmoil shaking Washington D.C. Here’s what it looked like:

This is silly talk.

First off, there’s no evidence yet of the high crimes and misdemeanors necessary to begin an impeachment. Then there’s the slight problem for Kohn of a Republican majority in both houses of Congress.

Then we get to the line of succession. If Trump and Pence were impeached, under the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, as prescribed by the United States Constitution Article II, Section I, Paul Ryan would become the president. So there’s no actual “Constitutional crisis,” as Kohn oddly suggests.

How about calling a special election? That would presumably take an act of Congress, since the Constitution does not prescribe any such procedure. Not so simple, especially since -- as already stated -- Republicans control both houses of Congress.

Then, Kohn suggests that the race would be Paul Ryan vs. Hillary Clinton. Neither side of this equation is guaranteed under any circumstances. And finally, Kohn suggests that Hillary would undoubtedly win the election – a rather silly contention given that she just lost to the most unpopular Republican presidential candidate in modern American history.

But it’s good to know that Sally Kohn has an active imagination, and that she’s still dreaming of President Hillary.


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