Trump Responds to Flynn Resignation on Twitter; Complains About Leaks

Tuesday morning, President Trump took to Twitter to respond to the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn:

Rather than defend Flynn, Trump focused on the barrage of leaks directed at the White House over the last three weeks. While the Trump administration has indeed been the victim of several leaks, the president's tweet is notable because it's a red herring; Trump ignores Flynn's resignation, not even mentioning the NSA's name, and diverts readers to a different problem entirely--the "real story."

To further the red herring, Trump asks a follow-up question: "Will these leaks be happening as I deal on N. Korea?" This is an important question, to be sure, but completely unrelated to Flynn's resignation.

The resignation of Michael Flynn is the Trump administration's first major internal scandal to manifest publicly. While it's easy to blame the media for nearly anything, it's difficult to assign blame to anyone but Michael Flynn for his own actions.

Considering his constant praise of Flynn during the campaign, Trump's red herring tweet is most likely a defense of his own ego.


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