The left’s wild inability to control its id with regard to President Trump has now crossed the line into actual violent imagery. We’ve already seen an Irish magazine consider whether assassinating Trump was moral; we’ve seen a British journalist tut-tutting that Trump’s killing couldn’t come fast enough; the American press has suggested that Trump is thisclose to committing acts of violence against journalists.

Now, CBS broadcast a skit from The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in which Trump senior policy advisor Stephen Miller’s head appeared on a pike.

Yes, really.

The sketch had Miller showing up on The Big Bang Theory; The Walking Dead, being threatened with a baseball bat; Stranger Things; and Game of Thrones, with his head on a pike.

That last reference is a throwback to 2012, when HBO slapped George W. Bush’s head on a pike.

HBO was forced to apologize for using Bush’s head on the show, with the company calling the action an “inadvertent, careless mistake.”

But this was no mistake. This was clearly designed to underscore the notion that violence against Trump administration figures is now decent fodder for comedy. The New York Times tweeted as much:

That sketch followed on Saturday Night Live throwing Kellyanne Conway out of a window and watching her break on the sidewalk several stories below, before being reanimated as some sort of creepy zombie.

Imagine if Valerie Jarrett’s head had appeared on a spike in a right-wing parody, or if Jen Psaki had been thrown out of a window in some comedy video from the right. The outrage would have been deafening. But when it’s Trump people, it’s just funny.

Then the left claims to be shocked by an increase in violent language and imagery – and behavior – as the social fabric breaks down. But with each day, they’re breaking down the fabric themselves more and more.