TASTELESS: SNL Savages Kellyanne Conway with Sexist, Disturbing Skit

In yet another anti-Trump skit this weekend, Saturday Night Live went full sexist and transformed Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway into a Fatal Attraction-esque crazed sexpot willing to force herself upon Jake Tapper in order to get her air-time fix. The skit's not only tasteless, it's off the mark and unfunny — and another egregious example of SNL making the fatal mistake of allowing political agenda to eclipse comedy.

The skit begins with a brief conversation at CNN, where Tapper (Beck Bennett) is praised for taking a stand by not letting Conway on air over her "credibility issues." But when Tapper arrives at his apartment, he's stunned to find Conway (Kate McKinnon) waiting for him — in a slip and sipping a drink. She attempts to seduce the traumatized Tapper, asking to feel that "hot, black mic pressed up against my skin" and begging him to "reach inside" of her and "pull out the truth." She eventually resorts to threatening him, even throwing a knife and choking him, in her plea to get on the Least Trusted Name in News. The skit disturbingly ends with her falling to her death, well, sort of.

Here's the skit that was so shameless even the New York Times got squeamish about its "queasy edge of sexism":

Not only is the premise of the skit exactly the kind of sexism the virtue-signaling left supposedly abhors, as HotAir's Allahpundit notes, the skit "gets Conway’s motives all wrong." There's nothing in the skit that comes close to resembling the real-life Conway, who is always calm and professional, and has demonstrated by turning down the press secretary position that she is not someone who lusts for airtime. Hitting her for her gaffe about the "Bowling Green Massacre" that never happened would have made perfect sense, but portraying her as Glenn Close ready to use sex and threats of violence for an interview comes off as simply lazy and mean-spirited.

Are we witnessing the beloved comedy show in its death throes? It's hard to imagine the half of the country that voted for Trump/didn't vote for Hillary tuning into a show which has recklessly revealed its ideological hand so blatantly in recent months. After eight years of refusing to ever really go after all the obvious material provided by President Obama and his disastrous administration, the show closed out 2016 by mourning the defeat of Clinton with a painfully awkward eulogy for their obviously preferred candidate and then offered Obama his own embarrassing send-off.

Just a few weeks into the Trump administration, SNL has dedicated an uncomfortable percent of its time lampooning every member of the Trump administration that the writers can possibly work into a 4-minute skit. So far they've hit Trump repeatedly with the sometimes funny, always boorish Alec Baldwin, WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer with a less-funny-this-week Melissa McCarthy, Conway a few times already, and, of course, try to feature Vladimir Putin whenever they can possibly rationalize it. If this weekend's any indication, they don't appear to be letting up anytime soon. If SNL's goal is to cut down it's potential viewers by half, they couldn't have handled the "Trumpocalypse" any better.

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