The reports that Central Michigan University College Republicans created an anti-Semitic Valentine's Day card that featured Adolf Hitler turned out to be fake news.

It all began when a student received a card featuring a picture of Hitler's face and a message that read "my love 4 u burns like 6,000 jews." The card was immediately blamed on the College Republicans, and it spread like wildfire on social media:

The International Business Times published a headline that read, "CMU College Republicans Valentine's Day Card Mocks Jews Killed In Holocaust At Central Michigan University." Based on these headlines, you would think that the College Republicans had created the Hitler card. But that was not the case.

Buried in each of these articles was the College Republicans' apology, which contains a rather important detail: (emphasis bolded)

At tonight’s College Republican meeting, we had a Valentine’s Day party, in which each member decorated a bag and other members placed valentines inside of others’ bags. Unfortunately, a very inappropriate card was placed into a bag without other members’ knowledge. A bag was then given away to students sitting in Anspach, once again without members’ knowledge of its contents. The College Republicans as an organization did not distribute this valentine. We in no way condone this type of rhetoric or anti-Semitism. We apologize for any offense, and want students to know that we do not tolerate this sort of behavior.

The College Republicans' explanation has since proven to be true. The university announced that a woman who was not a student confessed that she was responsible for the card. She has since left the area.

The extent of her involvement with the College Republicans is not known, but clearly the College Republicans themselves did not create this card and knowingly distribute it.

But you wouldn't know that based on the media headlines.

The Post's story buries the fact that the creator of the Hitler card was not a student. Both the FOX 4 report – which is basically an Associated Press story – and the International Business Times article make no mention of it at all.

Fake news is indeed a problem, and stories like this indicate that it's more pervasive on the left than it is on the right

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