9 Things You Need To Know About Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has been a fixture in headlines this week after she was blocked from smearing Attorney General Jeff Sessions by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). She has been rambling incoherently on Twitter:

Here are nine things you need to know about Warren.

1. Warren has an 18 percent liberty score on Conservative Review's scorecard. That, unsurprisingly, puts her at among some of the most left-wing senators in the Senate. She is a far-left ideologue after all.

2. During the general election campaign, Warren went after Donald Trump by making clucking noises. Seriously. Warren mocked Trump by stating "the big brave Donald Trump, is too chicken to release his tax returns." Then she clucked, "Bawk bawk bawk..."

3. Warren was once an advocate of school choice. The Daily Wire's Amanda Prestigiacomo notes that though Warren was virulently opposed to Betsy DeVos' nomination as the Education Department Secretary, an excerpt from her 2003 book The Two-Income Trap suggests that she once supported school choice.

"Any policy loosens the ironclad relationship between location-location-location and school-school-school would eliminate the need for parents to pay an inflated price for a home just because it happened to lie within the boundaries of a desirable school district," Warren wrote along with her co-author Amelia Warren Tyagi.

Of course, support for school choice wouldn't fly in a Democratic presidential primary.

4. Warren has failed to report "a $1.3 million line of credit." According to the Washington Free Beacon, Warren received the line of credit from Bank of America in 2007 against her home, but did not disclose it on her 2014 and 2015 filings. She took advantage of a loophole in the STOCK Act to avoid this disclosure.

This is significant because, as the Free Beacon points out, Warren wrote a Washington Post op-ed in January arguing that presidential cabinet nominees needed to provide complete financial disclosures. She also authored the All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan, where she advised not to borrow against a home. Apparently Warren doesn't practice what she preaches.

5. Warren's silenced tirade against Sessions coincided with the announcement of her new book. The Free Beacon reports that on the same day she was going to read Coretta Scott King's letter, Warren and her publisher announced that her new book This Fight Is Our Fight would be available for purchase on April 18. When she was censored by the Senate, Warren sent fundraising emails to her supporters. It certainly is an odd "coincidence" that Warren would time her speech against Sessions on the same day as the announcement of her new book.

6. Bureaucrats at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)–the agency that was Warren's idea–earn more money than members of the presidential cabinet and congressional members. According to The Daily Caller:

The Senate majority and minority leaders are paid $193,000 annually. Two hundred and one CFPB employees outdo Sens. Mitch McConnell and Charles Schumer in pay.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan of Wisconsin receives $223,000 per year, but that’s less than what 54 CFPB employees are paid.

Another 170 CFPB employees earn more than the secretaries of defense and state, the attorney general and the director of national intelligence. All cabinet salaries are capped at $199,700, but not at the bureau. Thirty-nine CFPB employees earn more than the $230,000 paid to Vice President Mike Pence.

A total of 198 CFPB employees also earn more than their ultimate boss, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellin, who is paid $201,700.

Overall, 449 CFPB employees get at least $100,000 per year and 228 CFPB are paid more than $200,000, according to publicly available 2016 data.

There has been debates in Congress about repealing the CFPB. Strange that a senator who claims to be for the working class would help create an unaccountable agency that receives higher salaries than members of Congress and the presidential cabinet...

7. Warren has been compared to women like Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks by speaking out against Sessions. These comparisons are absurd. National Review's Alexandra DeSanctis writes:

Harriet Tubman suffered a traumatic head wound at the hands of her slave owner, went on to escape slavery, rescued about 70 fellow slaves as a worker for the Underground Railroad, worked as a scout and spy for the U.S. army during the Civil War, and fought for women’s suffrage.

Sojourner Truth escaped slavery with her infant daughter, devoted her life to the abolition movement, recruited black troops for the U.S. army, and fought to secure government land grants for former slaves.

Susan B. Anthony played a pivotal role in the women’s suffrage movement, went to jail for voting illegally in the 1872 election, and led the effort that resulted in the successful passage of the 19th Amendment. Elizabeth Cady Stanton worked as an abolitionist, led the women’s-rights movement alongside Anthony, and wrote the Declaration of Sentiments, which is often credited with being the basis of the women’s-suffrage movement in the U.S.

DeSanctis also notes that "Parks refused to surrender her bus seat to a white passenger, instigating a boycott in Montgomery, Ala., and helping to launch and lead a nationwide desegregation effort."

The aforementioned women actually fought for important issues and went through actual risks to do so. All Warren did was violate a Senate rule by smearing Sessions. She does not deserve to be mentioned in the same vein as the likes of Tubman, Truth, Anthony and Parks.

8. Warren's approval ratings are not strong. Boston Magazine reported in September that Warren was behind only Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) in terms of being the most unpopular in New England. Politico reported towards the end of January "that 46 percent of Massachusetts voters think it’s time for someone else to have a shot at the Senate," meaning that while she may be the favorite to win re-election, it's not a done deal by any means.

9. In sum, Warren is a far-left hypocrite. The Daily Wire has a primer on her going into even more detail here.

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