SJW Victory: 'Offensive' Christopher Columbus Statue Kicked Off Pepperdine Campus

SJWs at Pepperdine University have scored a victory as the controversial Christopher Columbus statue on the Malibu campus is now scheduled for relocation to the Florence, Italy campus.

In an e-mail sent to all students, President and CEO of the university, Andrew K. Benton states:

For years the story of Columbus and the fascinating exploration that brought him to the new world was taught in schools across America. It was heroic and exciting. Later, as the impact of the arrival of explorers was assessed more fully, especially as those impacts related to indigenous people, a different view formed. Today, for many, including those within our campus community, stories of conquest and the art associated therewith are painful reminders of loss and human tragedy.

Those who offered the gift of the statue depicting Christopher Columbus meant to honor the good attributes of his life. They did not mean to offend I am sure, for I know many of those good men and women who supported us then, in 1992, and who still support us today. After careful reflection and in consultation with many stakeholders, I have decided to relocate the statue to the Pepperdine campus in Florence, Italy. The process of relocation will take some time but has begun.

Benton then proceeds to invite students to a community forum where they will discuss other “national issues relevant to diversity on [their] campuses.”

However, the removal of this statue sends the message that Pepperdine University does not invite true diversity, diversity of thought. Earlier last year, a mural in the cafeteria depicting Native Americans was removed after many students protested and complained.


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