Shapiro Slams Berkeley Response To Riot: 'Did They Move On The People Spray-Painting, "Kill Trump?"'

Appearing on Fox News with Martha MacCallum, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro slammed the leftist political correctness that pervades university campuses so broadly that police cannot intervene to prevent riots like the one at UC Berkeley on Wednesday night. Shapiro snapped of the police that were present during the riot, “Did they move on the people who were smashing the auditorium windows? Did they move on the people spray-painting, 'Kill Trump?'”

According to The Daily Californian, only one person was arrested in connection with the protests.

MacCallum and Shapiro were joined by radio show host Richard Fowler.

Asked by MacCallum for a reaction to the riot at Berkeley, Fowler responded:

Well, I think what we saw last night was devastating, and as much as I don’t agree with Milo, or Milo, or what he stands for or what he believes in, I think he has the right to speak at Berkeley, and I think the university believes the same thing. And I think to go one step further, that I think those who rioted, they’re wrong, and I think they don’t represent the broader progressive movement. I think it’s a mistake to lump them in with those progressives like myself who are saying we’re going to peacefully protest; we’re going to peacefully obstruct because we don’t like some of these views, which is the right we have by the Constitution.

MacCallum turned to Shapiro: “Ben, what do you think?”

Shapiro replied:

I think a lot of what Richard is saying is true, but I do think there’s a mentality that’s being inculcated on a lot college campuses, and I speak at 20, 25, 30 of these a year. There’s a mentality that suggests that speech that you don’t like is some sort of violence; it’s a microagression to be met with macroaggression. And so, when you start with the premise it’s okay to punch Nazis, and then you say everyone’s a Nazi, and everyone who offends you is a Nazi, then pretty soon it’s pretty easy to see how things break down. That’s why I’ve had riots against me at Cal State Los Angeles; we had the near-riot at Penn State last year; it’s becoming a lot less uncommon than you would hope it would be, certainly.

MacCallum referenced previous protest movements, then pointed out that UC Berkeley should be credited with giving Yiannopoulos a chance to speak, and that President Trump’s tweet threatening to pull funds UC Berkeley may have been misplaced.

Fowler responded:

I think his tweet was misplaced; I think the university did everything in their power. I would argue that probably a lot of these rioters don’t go to UC Berkeley. I think the students can protest, and we can disagree with somebody. I think in Milo’s case, his writings show he is part of the alt-right, which is a code-word for white supremacy. So I don’t particularly ascribe to his beliefs, I’m adamantly against his beliefs. But I believe he has the right to speak, and so I think that’s what we end up with, make a very clear distinction; I think to lump all liberals in and to lump all professors in and say they don’t want to hear voices of conservative voices, I think that’s wrong. I think our university system has proven the opposite, I think it has produced a lot of conservative views, whether it be at Harvard, whether it be at UC Berkeley, or whether it be at Yale.

MacCallum turned back to Shapiro: “Ben, what do you think?”

Shapiro answered:

I think there is another problem here, and that is, does the administration do what it’s supposed to do in terms of giving the police on its campuses the ability to shut down violent protests, and I think the answer is no. We’ve seen that at California State LA, where I was; there was a situation where the administration essentially told the police to stand down and allow the protesters to do what they were going to do.

Fowler, interrupting: “Ben, there were barricades.”

Shapiro: “There’s a difference between barricades and having enough officers to actually shut down the violence.”

Fowler: “They had barricades and officers in riot gear based on just looking at those videos.”

Shapiro fired back, “That’s right. Richard, Did they move on the people who were smashing the auditorium windows? Did they move on the people spray-painting, ‘Kill Trump?’”

Fowler: “Neither of us were on the ground to know what the police were doing.”

Shapiro, bluntly: “I was watching video of that.”

Video below:


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