Pelosi To Refugee: Your Family Suffers Because Of Trump

On Tuesday night, at a townhall moderated by CNN’s Jake tapper, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told a Yemeni refugee named Bushra that her family was suffering because President Trump is “reckless, and his administration is incompetent.” Pelosi said Trump was simply offering “red meat” to his supporters with his executive order issuing a travel ban.

The exchange started with this from the young Yemeni woman:

My name is Bushra, as you mentioned. I’m an artist-activist from Yemen and a refugee. Recently my mom, she wasn’t able to come to the U.S. because of the standard that Donald Trump signed recently. Before four weeks my dad passed away because we didn’t have any medicine back then in Yemen because of the siege and my mom is now recently living in a destroyed house because of the air strikes, and she wasn’t able to come to the United States because of this decision that Donald Trump did. So my question is: what is the Democratic leadership could help us; what could you help us and our people to ensure that more families are not torn apart?

Pelosi answered:

Your family is suffering because our president is reckless, reckless, and his administration is incompetent. How and why they did this is because they’re grand illusionists. Any time they have a problem with something, they create another problem.

Hilariously, Pelosi, who is nominally Catholic but ardently pro-abortion, cited the leader of the Catholic faith as she continued:

We follow the lead of our spiritual leaders. When the Pope talks about, “It is un-Christian to turn refugees away,” when some of our Cardinals say, “It is un-American,” to not accept strangers, as the Bible says, “strangers,” into our country, in need, in need, the Statue of Liberty, as we all said, is in tears because of what they have done.

Of course, Pelosi is Biblically illiterate, so she wouldn’t know that the Bible enjoined the Jews to accept strangers into Israel as long as they were willing to follow the laws of the country. Leviticus 24:22: “Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stranger, as for the home-born; for I am the Lord your G-d.”

"Our president is reckless, reckless, and his administration is incompetent."

Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi added, “The president has made us less safe because of what he has done . . . this isn’t the right thing to do, but it is red meat to some of the people that he wants to support him.”


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