Following the stunning election victory of President Donald Trump on November 8, the leftist hub of Portland, Oregon has been the home to many anti-Trump protests, which often metamorphosis into violent riots.

As reported by KOIN, leading leftist activist and Portland's Resistance group leader Micah Rhodes, 23, helped to activate and galvanize such anti-Trump riots. He also happens to be a registered sex offender who is currently facing charges for sexually abusing a teenage boy he met on a gay dating app.

"Rhodes allegedly met the teenage boy on gay dating app Grindr," reports The Daily Caller. "The teen told police that Rhodes knew he was a minor before they had sex, but that the two did so on multiple occasions anyway. The charges are for statutory, non-forced rape, local news outlets are reporting."

Rhodes is expected in court on Monday for the abuse charges. He was previously arrested for disorderly conduct at an anti-Trump "protest" on January 25.

Portland became a hot-spot for violent riots in the name of tolerance and in opposition to the then-president-elect following the snub of alleged shoo-in Hillary Clinton. As noted by The Daily Wire in November, "protests" in Oregon, as well as other liberal hubs like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, "ended up dangerously blocking city streets, some escalating into full-blown riots, requiring police to move in to ensure the safety of citizens and private and public property." In total, there were 112 "protesters" arrested by the Portland Police Bureau. ​

Democrats ran into a similar problem at The Women's March on Washington. One of the leaders chosen to speak at the pro-abortion and anti-Trump rally just so happened to be a convicted felon who once participated in the kidnapping, rape, torture and eventual death of an elderly man.

The left sure knows how to pick 'em.

H/T Peter Hasson