Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) connected President Donald Trump to Sunday night’s mass murder at a mosque in Quebec, Canada.

Speaking with left-wing and Democrat-aligned MSNBC’s on Monday, Ellison was teed up to push the narrative of Trump as a driver of Islamic terrorism by The Washington Post's David Ignatius.

Ignatius -
a left-wing columnist who postures as objective - implied that "American Muslims" would withhold intelligence from security agencies - preferring instead to allow mass murder Islamic terrorist attacks to occur - out of ire towards Trump.

Read the partial transcript below.

IGNATIUS: Congressman, I want to ask you - President Trump speaks about this ban as an attempt to keep the United States safe. That really comes down in part to a question of what American Muslims think and their willingness to report on their friends and neighbors, report on suspicious activity. What do you think he effect will be on American Muslims as they get up today and think about this?

ELLISON: People are afraid, you know. There’s a woman, there are people all over this country who saw that there was this mosque attack in Canada, and people really do feel that when the president greenlights hatred of a particular group, that obviously the negative people will come out of the woodwork and do things that would not be socially acceptable like committing mass murder. But you know these things are sort of allowed when the very head of our country is saying things like we should have a Muslim ban, that Muslims are a dangerous group of people amongst us. Look, the refugees we’re talking about here get screened eighteen to twenty-four months ]. These people ar under intense vetting already. This is not about American national security. This is about prejudice.

Mika Brezeinski signaled agreement with Ellison’s perspective.

Ellison was not challenged by any of Morning Joe’s panelists when connecting Trump to the mosque attack.

“It’s absolutely a Muslim ban,” added Ellison in describing Trump’s executive order regarding “extreme vetting” of foreigners seeking to enter the United States. He also described it as unconstitutional, saying it violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Ellison is currently pursuing the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee.

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