5 Reasons Trump Is Absolutely Right To Slash UN Funding

The Daily Wire reported Wednesday that President Trump’s campaign promise to dramatically cut funding to the United Nations is being fully realized. The president plans on signing an executive order that may cut up to 40% of American funds to to the UN. The proposal is meant to cut undermine efforts by the international body to promote state actors affiliated with terrorism.

Nevertheless, liberals are beginning to lose their minds, arguing that Trump’s actions portend the end of the liberal international order. Devoid of facts, this hysteria is consuming far-left activists and mainstream Democrats alike.

Here are five reasons why Trump is absolutely right to slash UN funding:

1. The UN undermines America’s national security interests. From excusing human rights violations to championing hostile regimes, the UN has all but sold its soul to the devil. That’s not hyperbole, it’s just reality. For years now, US efforts to curtail Russian and Chinese expansionism have suffered severe setbacks thanks to bureaucratic roadblocks at the United Nations. With both Russia and China enjoying permanent seats on the UN Security Council, nearly every vote to impose punishments on these two American foes has fallen been buried.

2. The UN champions anti-Semitic elements hostile to Israel. The United Nations building in New York houses a kangaroo court kept busy by submitting paper work against the only Jewish state in the world. There are currently more UN resolutions against Israel than every other country on the planet. It’s not even close. The most recent anti-Israel resolution was allowed to move forward thanks to the anti-Semitic proclivities of the former US presidential administration.

3. UN schools have housed weapons stockpiles for terrorists. The UN’s own report found that the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas stored and fired rockets from UNRWA schools in Gaza. These rockets were directed at Israeli innocent civilians. In other words, UN-sponsored facilities were used to engage in war crimes. Oh, the irony.

4. UN peacekeepers have recently been found guilty of child sexual abuse. As The Daily Wire reported: “UN peacekeepers sexually abused children in the Central African Republic (CAR). Reports of sexual abuse in CAR first emerged in May 2014. By 2016, NGOs, international papers, and other monitoring groups had uncovered hundreds of cases of pedophilia, rape, and quid pro quo sex abuse directed against the poor, starving, and embattled people of CAR. Click here for a timeline of the sexual abuse in CAR, courtesy of the Children Rights International Network.”

5. The UN has been wholly ineffective at stopping human rights abuses, war crimes, and genocide. What’s the organization’s purpose again? What’s the point of spending millions upon millions of dollars on protecting human rights if that money is squandered on cultural preservation projects and anti-Semitic resolutions? If you can name a single genocide that the United Nations has helped stop or at the very least mitigated, then you’re either lying or delusional. “The UN did little to stop mass genocide and ethnic cleansing in Rwanda, Bosnia, Cambodia, and East Timor, [and Syria]” reported The Daily Wire. The international organization has utterly failed to stop the bloodshed wrought by sectarian violence and tyrannical slaughter. Since its founding and early development in the aftermath of the Holocaust, the UN has watched over some of the worst genocides in modern history. UN peacekeepers have stood by and done nothing as millions of bodies piled up in the most vulnerable regions of the world. The international organization has minimal enforcement power. The genocide in Bosnia was stopped thanks to US and NATO intervention. East Timor was liberated by the Americans before jihadists overran the country and imposed Sharia law. Innumerable examples show that the UN has been unequivocally ineffective at stopping or even lessening human suffering.


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