'Beta Male; Little Cuck' Assaults Female Conservative Reporter

A Canadian female conservative reporter was assaulted by a “beta male” socialist at a Marxist rally - ostensibly in support of “women’s rights” - last Saturday.

Sheila Gunn Reid, the Alberta Bureau Chief for The Rebel, was harassed by what what she described as a “beta male,” “little cuck,” and “little loser.”

While reporting at the event, Reid had her camera struck and pushed into her face by the aforementioned leftist. The violent leftist has since been identified as 34-year-old Jason Dion Bews, who has been arrested and charged with assault and uttering threats by the Edmonton Police Service.

“Get outta my f****** face. I will break your camera,” said Bews before striking Gunn’s camera. “You don’t have a right to film anywhere you go,” he added, despite the event’s occurrence in a public place.

Gunn described the event as a “vulgar, genital-based, blame men, hate democracy, anti-capitalist mess.”

Edmonton-based Jason Franson, who is affiliated with the Canadian Press, recorded much of the incident while neglecting to report on it. Gunn accused of Franson of “suppressing the story” of her being assaulted by Bews.

Franson has since made his Twitter account private following Gunn's reporting on his conduct.

​Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP) - a neo-Marxist political party affiliated with a broader global network of socialist political movements - had a “heavy presence” at the rally, reported Reid.

Reid noted that the rally goers became agitated and hostile as counterdemonstrators began singing “O Canada;" Canada’s national anthem.

The event's organizers described their political agenda as "intersectional," advancing what they say is the "feminist" cause of "women, girls, femmes, gender nonconforming (GNC) and gender fluid (GF)" persons:

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