Trump-Protesting Professors Reveal They're More Concerned with Pushing Politics than Teaching Students

On Inauguration Day, college professors across America cancelled class and unabashedly encouraged their students to publicly claim that Donald Trump is an illegitimate President. These actions are not simply wrong; they are entirely antithetical to the mission of higher education.

College and universities across the United States were designed to be places where students are challenged with differing viewpoints, and where professors help their students to formulate their own unique worldview. The rise of the politically correct culture on campus has all but eradicated that notion, and can largely be blamed on professors who act as if their viewpoint is morally superior to all others.

At the University of California, Irvine, Professor Rebecca Sacks forced all of her students to miss class to accommodate the small minority who protested the inauguration of Donald Trump. To Professor Sacks, the pricey education that her students pay for is second to “solidarity and resistance” for all of the special snowflakes in her class.

Another professor persuaded her students to skip their Chemistry lab to rally against Trump, and told them, “If you see me at a protest Friday or Saturday, feel free to say hi.” Evidently for this professor, her right to protest supersedes the right of her students to get the education they deserve.

Yet another professor at Columbia University “broke down in tears at the end of class and told students ‘to stay strong [and] that it’s our duty to protest.’” In doing so, this professor has waived any claims of impartiality and intellectual diversity in their classroom.

The actions of so many professors across America shows their true devotion. It is not to education; it is to indoctrination. These professors have made it clear that they are open to all points of view - as long as they agree with them, of course.

As a former Never-Trumper, I understand many of the Left’s concerns about Donald Trump, even if I vehemently disagree with them myself. It is one thing to protest Trump and his policies. It is another thing to directly challenge the peaceful transfer of power in American society. To do this is not liberal; it is fascist, and it is egregious to use our public university system for this aim.

I recognize the individual rights of professors to express their political viewpoints, no matter how reprehensible their actions may be. However, that right ends when they use taxpayer dollars to coerce their students to join a protest that threatens one of the most fundamental tenets of our republic.

While colleges across the country still claim to stand for intellectual diversity, their actions show anything but that. Administrators continue to turn a blind eye to the inappropriate actions of faculty, and have done almost nothing to combat the rampant bias in college classrooms. In this case, their silence is a form of consent.

Barack Obama may no longer be around to “fundamentally transform America,” but there are myriad faculty on our college campuses that are committed to using our education system to achieve just that. As conservatives, it’s our job to push back.


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