Why Those Who Wear 'P***yhats' Will Help Re-Elect Trump

In an attempt to do something of deep import, half a million Americans across the country took to the streets on Saturday. Many donned pink hats they labeled “pussyhats”; these were knit caps with cat ears. Why? Because they were protesting the inauguration of President Donald Trump, who was infamously caught on tape talking about grabbing women by the “p***y” on an Access Hollywood bus some years back.

Reporters even spotted police officers donning the “pussyhats.”

According to The Hill, the pussyhats were meant as a comeback to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats.

This is intensely stupid. And it’s likely to help Trump in his quest for a second term.

Why? Here are *** reasons.

1. Unhinged Leftism Makes Trump Look Palatable By Comparison. Just as incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions looked like the most reasonable person east of the Mississippi River in his hearings, particularly when placed against the backdrop of Code Pink protesters screaming about “Jim Sessions,” Trump actually looks like the adult in the room when confronted with thousands of people wearing little pink caps referencing the female anatomy. As this hilarious meme states:

2. Normalizing Vulgarity Also Normalizes Trumpian Vulgarity. One of the most shocking elements of the Trump tape was his blasé use of vulgar slang to describe female genitalia. But that’s not shocking anymore, thanks in large part to the left’s decision to scream “p***y” from every available rooftop. Literally hundreds of signs used pornographic language and imagery, presumably in order to scald Trump – but this simply ended up immunizing Trump’s language from scrutiny. It’s hard to call Trump a disgusting vulgarian for his language while parading around in front of children with signs like this one:

3. Reducing Anti-Trump Sentiment Down To Pro-Abortion Propaganda Is Highly Stupid. By polling data (yes, polling data still matters, folks), Trump is not popular with most Americans. But instead of embracing a broad swath of anti-Trump causes, the radical left decided to focus in on abortion and taxpayer-funded birth control as their key causes, banning pro-life women and alienating the religious. This is intensely stupid, and it’s just another reason that the left’s increasingly polarized politics is likely to drive more and more people into Trump’s camp.

Donald Trump shouldn’t be upset about the Women’s March. He should be ecstatic. If the best the left can do is jabber about p***y and march around with crayoned posters of vaginas, he’s a shoe-in in four years.


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