Leftists spent the eve of Trump's inauguration protesting, rioting, vandalizing, and burning in hopes of showing the world that tantrums are the best way to keep reality from mentally sinking in.
Many anti-Trumpers believed this was a wonderful opportunity to bring their kids along and teach them how to live out all of the tolerance, peace, and unity they preach by screaming, shouting, and law-breaking.
Case in point below: a child is approached by a Fox News reporter and asked about his participation in the protest.

"This fire was started, in fact, this young man, you were participating in the fire. What's your name?" the reporter asks.

"My name is Connor and I actually kind of started that fire," the kid proudly smiles back.

"So why did you start that fire," the reporter follows up, to which Connor tells him, "Because I felt like it and because I'm just saying screw our president."

And there you have it. Connor's parents have never been prouder.

Click below for more protest footage from the Left: