WATCH: Ben Shapiro's Address at Mizzou - 'The Truth is a Microaggression'

On Thursday evening, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief and Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro crashed the fascist safe space known as University of Missouri and delivered an incendiary set of remarks titled, "The Truth is a Microaggression."

Calling the concept of white privilege "bullshit" and pointing out to students that "facts don't care about your feelings," Shapiro connected the race hoaxes taking place on campus at Mizzou and around the country to past frauds-used-to-incite-violence from "St. Michael of the Gentle Giantedness" to "St. Trayvon of the Blessed Hoodie." According to Shapiro, the spirit of the KKK is, in fact, alive at Mizzou - alive in the spirit of Concerned Student 1950 and the other "Pantywaist Fascists" on campus who demand an end to any dissent and the creation of racially segregated "safe spaces." Such spaces, quipped Shapiro, "are both separate, and equal!"

Watch the entire speech, hosted by Young Americans Foundation, and the Q&A with students, here:


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