A Fox News poll in New Hampshire has shown a surprising result: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is ahead of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Just barely.

The results were:

  • Sanders: 45
  • Clinton: 44
  • former Maryland Gov Martin O'Malley: 5

It's a slim lead, but it is a lead nonetheless, and that's significant given the fact that Clinton has been widely regarded as the inevitable Democratic presidential nominee.

According to polling breakdowns, Sanders' lead is due to the youth vote: 59 percent of those under 45 support him, while 52 percent of voters above the age of 45 support him. Forty-nine percent of men of support Sanders, while 48 percent of women support Clinton.

The RealClearPolitics polling average for Clinton in New Hampshire has her leading Sanders 46 to 38.3 percent. The national polling average has her leading Sanders 55.4 to 32 percent.

Clinton is still the frontrunner and the likely Democratic nominee, but the results of this poll shows how the progressive base, particularly the younger demographic, is still skeptical of her.