Violent Anti-Trump Protest Videos: Child Brags About Starting Fire; Trump Supporter Sucker Punched

On Thursday, disrupters—well, anarchists—gathered outside of the National Press Club building to oppose a president who has not even taken office yet and to harass supporters of President-elect Donald Trump attending the hotly-opposed-by-the-left DeploraBall.

The disrupters were exuding leftism as egregiously as possible: using small children to start fires in the street, assaulting Trump supporters after stealing their property, chanting "abolish the police" and "f*** the police" and castigating Trump supporters as literal Nazis.

Below is a disturbing Fox News clip of a young boy proudly taking credit for a fire he started. When ask why he started the fire, the boy responded: "Because I felt like it and because I’m just saying screw our president!"

Another answer from the boy could have been: "My truly deplorable parents encouraged me to do it."


Here's a video of one of the fires being set throughout the night. As you can see, the anti-American disrupters are singing and dancing in the light of the fire to oppose the peaceful transition of power that makes American so great.

During the "protesting" a Trump supporter's hat was stolen, and as he went to get back his personal property back, he was sucker punched in the back of the head.

Disrupters also chased and harassed DeploraBall attendees, calling them racists and stealing American flags:

And what "protest" would be complete without slandering the police? Here are the anarchists calling for the abolition of the men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe—these disrupters included—day in and day out.

The DeploraBall, a pro-Trump ball named in honor of Hillary Clinton's pejorative remark toward middle Americans, was revealed to be a target of the left via undercover videos produced by investigative journalist James O'Keefe at Project Veritas. As reported by the Daily Wire, DC Anti-Fascist Coalition operatives were caught discussing ways DisruptJ20 groups could shut down the DeploraBall, including setting off butyric acid stink bombs.

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