The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro is set to speak at the Young America's Foundation in a few minutes. Follow here for live updates.


"I don’t see Black Lives Matter anywhere around Chicago!" says a questioner. "Shouldn't that delegitimize BLM?"asks the questioner.

"BLM is a joke," declares Shapiro

The movement is designed to crack down on political enemies of the Left."

"BLM is a racist movement," states Shapiro in a clear and unequivocal tone.

Shapiro then diagnoses the social strife in the black community. Single-motherhood is a problem, according to Shapiro. "Young men at 15" don't fear their mother, admits Shapiro. Shapiro says that one variable that leads to black poverty and dereliction is the crisis in fatherhood. Nobody forces black women to have children out of wedlock, insists Shapiro.

Shapiro then undermines the notion of assigning heroism to single mothers. There is nothing inherently more noble about raising a child as a single mother as opposed to raising a child as a married woman.


A student asks about social justice warriors who call black conservatives "Unle Toms" or "sell outs."

Shapiro strongly condemns those slurs as "racist." The Left abhors ideological deviants implies Shapiro.

Shapiro then moves to foreign policy. The US should do whatever is in its interests. That's how we should decide foreign policy, suggests Shapiro.


Shapiro talks abortion. He suggests that the Right is more invested in stopping a rape, than killing a baby (like the Left is by supporting invariable abortion).

Women should be allowed to carry guns. Rapists should be killed and castrated, Shapiro declares to audience applause. The Left are cowards, implies Shapiro.


Shapiro explains the Trump-effect. Trump's down-to-earth populism is what draws voters to him, insists Shapiro.

The reason Mitt Romney lost in 2012, suggests Shapiro, was not because he lost the Latino vote but because white blue collar voters didn't show up. Blue collar voters are Trump's primary electorate. They are the demographic nexus of his surge.

According to Shapiro, Trump's response to ISIS (blow them up) resonated with the American public. Trump speaks in clear, non-5 paragraph form. Trump avoids pedantic rhetoric and simplifies the obvious, according to Shapiro.


A student asks Shapiro about social conservatism and its potential impact on the next election. Does social conservatism deter voters? asks the student.

The American population is becoming more pro-life and more pro-gay marriage admits Shapiro.

The War on drugs has been an utter failure, adds Shapiro. Shapiro then insists he’s more libertarian leaning when it comes to drug policy. Every kid in 5th grade can get a baggie from his friend, quips Shapiro

Shapiro then tackles gay marriage. He reinforces his support for traditional marriage but then says that the government should not be in the marriage business. "My Jewish marriage certificate means I could have sex with my wife," quips Shapiro. He then confesses that a state marriage certificate means nothing to him. Shapiro again stresses that the government is already defunct as it is, it should not be issuing marriage certificates.


The question and answer sessions takes a lighter tone. One Jewish student asks, “If you want to come over for Shabbat dinner. Let me know!"

Shapiro then highlights the fact Black Lives and the anti-Israel boycott movement. "The alliance between all of these ethnic groups is to tear down the system."

Shapiro points to the irony of BDS aligning itself with pro-gay groups. LGBT safety in the Palestinian territories is severely compromised, suggests Shapiro.


A university officials thanks Shapiro for coming and fighting for liberty on campus "Thank you for coming here and helping us fight the fight!" states the official dressed in Mizzou gear. "Thank you for willing to stand up," adds the official.

Shapiro blasts the media coverage on Mizzou and other racially charged university incidents. Shapiro admits that he was shocked not to the KKK roaming campus or dead black children strewn on the streets, given the hyperbolic media coverage.

The university's "max mea culpa" is absurd, says Shapiro. Shapiro then thanks the students assembled in the room. It's the first time folks at the school are standing up against the stupidity of Concerned Students 1950 says Shapiro


Shapiro blasts football coach who gets paid $3.1 million, just because he sided with the protestors.

"The sophistry of the left has no impact unless you internalize it," suggest Shapiro. "What would have happened if Tim Wolfe looked at Jonathan Butler and said “so what?’ Shapiro adds, Mommy and Daddy worth 20 million dollars probably bought him a popsicle.

Another student asks, "What are the strongest weapons of the left and right?"

Left: character assassination, moral attacks

Right: evidence and logic.

The problem is character assault tends to win, says Shapiro "biggest mistake is people on the Right shudder when they experience an ad hominem attack. The proper answer to you are racist is “no you are an asshole." says Shapiro


Q&A Session:

A student asks Shapiro about Islamic fascism and the Left's justification for Islamic tyranny. "Why is it that the Left seems so comfortable with Radical Islam? asks the student.

"Leftist philosophy is based on the philosophy of oppressed v oppressor," answers Shapiro. The Left trumpets "Equality of outcome v Equal opportunity."

"Bill gates must have exploited the homeless guy...and the same holds true internationally with Islamic countries," suggests Shapiro, explaining that identity politics define morality.

"Left just sees impoverished country" and believes that the West is inherently guilty, says Shapiro.

"The Left believes that religious ideology is a sheer cover on poverty," when talking about terrorism says Shapiro.


“So when your myths about 'white privilege' fall apart, you now have to silence the other side. The way to do this is to bloviate about microaggressions. When the lies fail, you have to set up a microaggression culture to silence your adversaries with the force of law – the force of a gun,” says Shapiro. “Let’s use the definition provided by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt in The Atlantic: microaggressions are “small actions or word choices that seem on their face to have no malicious intent but that are thought of as a kind of violence nonetheless.” Your subjective perspective on when you have been 'aggressed' [upon] is all that counts.”

Shapiro then quotes sociologist Haidt.

Haidt: “The recent collegiate trend of uncovering allegedly racist, sexist, classist, or otherwise discriminatory microaggressions doesn’t incidentally teach students to focus on small or accidental slights. Its purpose is to get students to focus on them and then relabel the people who have made such remarks as aggressors.”

"This is the opposite of cognitive behavioral therapy, where people attempt to minimize distorted thinking and see the world more clearly,” insists Shapiro. “ It actually reinforces subjective assessments of victimhood and suffering.”

As Haidt writes:

The thin argument “I’m offended” becomes an unbeatable trump card. This leads to what Jonathan Rauch, a contributing editor at this magazine, calls the “offendedness sweepstakes,” in which opposing parties use claims of offense as cudgels. In the process, the bar for what we consider unacceptable speech is lowered further and further.


Shapiro slams Mizzou footballer Jonathan Butler, the absurdly wealthy heir to a railroad fortune and self-proclaimed victim of racism. Shapiro notes that Butler jumped in front of former Mizzou President Tim Wolfe’s car a few weeks ago, then cried foul play. When Butler went on a hunger strike, Shapiro suggests that the answer should have been “okay, so starve.”

The crowd erupts into laughter.

“Michael Brown was a bullshit story from the absolute start,” Shapiro asserts. “St. Michael of the Gentle Giantedness” as Shapiro calls him, was a “thug” and clearly attacked a police officer. “The racist Holder Justice Dept” only defended this false narrative, according to Shapiro.


“I don’t care about your feelings,” declares Shapiro to a loud applause. “You’re not my wife, you’re not my kid. I don’t give a damn,” quipped Shapiro

Shapiro delineates the difference between subjective feelings and concrete racial discrimination, undermining the Leftist narrative that “white privilege” is ubiquitous and elusive.

Shapiro then suggests that the “free market is color-blind,” citing specific examples to buttress the claim.


Shapiro recaps the racially charged events leading up to the contentious protests against "white privilege" in the last few weeks. "The victimology of the Left never ends." Shapiro continues that campuses "are the tip of the spear" when it comes to culture wars.

Shapiro slams the "bullshit" concept of "white privilege," offering a comprehensive definition from the SPLC, an extraordinarly far-Left organization" that condemns conservatives and anybody that disagrees with the ideological Left as hate groups.

Quoting the SPLC definition of "white privilege," Shapiro states:

White skin privilege is not something that white people necessarily do, create or enjoy on purpose. Unlike the more overt individual and institutional manifestations of racism described above, white skin privilege is a transparent preference for whiteness that saturates our society. White skin privilege serves several functions. First, it provides white people with “perks” that we do not earn and that people of color do not enjoy. Second, it creates real advantages for us. White people are immune to a lot of challenges. Finally, white privilege shapes the world in which we live — the way that we navigate and interact with one another and with the world.


The room is packed with students. A Mizzou college Republican is introducing Shapiro's background and credentials. Shapiro is greeted with a rousing applause.

Shapiro thanks the Mizzou college Republicans for showing "enormous backbone." Shapiro credits YAF for putting together the event in the spur of the moment.

"Even the Left should thank the police," quips Shapiro. Shapiro suggests the students who may experience hurt feelings should contact the police as well.