HOLLYWEEP: 'Variety' Features Moore, Dunham, Handler With American Flag To Protest Trump Inauguration

On Tuesday, Variety released its new cover: a picture of Hamilton’s Brandon Victor Dixon (yes, the guy who lectured Mike Pence while Pence was enjoying a night out with the wife), HBO’s Lena Dunham, Michael Moore, Chelsea Handler, and CNN’s Van Jones. They’re all holding a large American flag and looking upset and somber. Dunham wears a shirt that says, “Women Are Powerful And Dangerous” as she seems to hide behind the aging Moore; Handler wears a shirt reading “Let’s Get To Work.”

“NOW WHAT?” blares the headline.

Here’s what: please keep doing this, Hollywood celebrities. It will ensure your continued defeat.

First, off we should never be lectured by the likes of Lena Dunham, a self-described sexual abuser of her own sister, or Michael Moore, the guy who makes propaganda about the glories of the Cuban healthcare system. But more than that, Hollywood seems completely oblivious to the fact that their shrill hysteria over Trump’s election actually drives Americans into Trump’s camp.

It’s obnoxious and overwrought.

Here are just a few of the latest Hollywood IdiotStories:

  • The near-octogenarian members of Green Day have released a new song tearing into Donald Trump, cobbling together footage of KKK rallies with Trump talking. Billie Joe Armstrong, 44, warbles, “A new day dawning, comes without warning, so don’t think twice! We live in troubled times.”
  • Joss Whedon, the guy behind the mediocre Avengers flicks, jokes about Paul Ryan being raped to death.
  • Nicole Kidman has the temerity to say that the president ought to be given a baseline level of support, and Whedon tweets out that she’s a “Puppet for Trump.”
  • Broadway’s Jennifer Holliday is forced out of singing at the inauguration due to death threats. Too bad she didn’t lecture Mike Pence at a show or anything. Then she’d be a hero. Holliday wasn’t the only one ousted from the inauguration over death threats. So was Andrea Bocelli.
  • Steve Harvey is labeled a “mediocre negro” by Marc Lamont Hill for meeting with Trump over inner city community development.

And then Hollywood wonders why Americans don’t take them seriously on politics?

Here’s the truth: at least half of Americans feel scorned by Hollywood. And they should, because Hollywood scorns them. When I researched for my book, Primetime Propaganda, I spoke with the top creators in Hollywood history. Thinking I was a leftist, they freely admitted to discriminating against conservatives in Hollywood, to picturing middle Americans as rubes and racists, and to treating their shows as propaganda outlets for their viewpoints.

No wonder Americans just get sick when they see covers like the one from Variety. Michael Moore posing with the flag – the same person who said that Trump supporters are “legal terrorists” but that actual terrorists are “Minutemen” – makes most Americans queasy. Treating Lena Dunham like a moral voice -- despite her ardent love for abortion and her overt bragging about masturbating next to her 11-year-old sister in bed – makes Americans nauseated. Acting as though Chelsea Handler – a woman who said she should be applauded for her two abortions – as a beacon of light is disgusting.

So, Hollywood, keep it coming. Nothing drives Americans away from leftism quite like the specter of uber-rich, uber-famous, uber-immoral leftists treating them as dreck to be scraped from their shoes. It worked so well for Hillary Clinton that she's creeping around the woods of Chappaqua as Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.


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