Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham hit the morning television circuit Thursday to unveil their new bill to defund the United Nations.

Standing shoulder to shoulder and smiling, the two national security-minded lawmakers appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and Fox News’ Fox and Friends to detail a plan that would block taxpayer dollars from funding the corrupt international body.

In citing last month’s egregious anti-Israel UN Security Resolutions as a major source of dismay in the senate, they drew a clear ideological line in the sand between the Obama administration and Congress.

"Twenty-two percent of the money to fund the U.N. comes from the American taxpayer. I don't think it's a good investment for the American taxpayer to give money to an organization that condemns the only democracy in the Middle East," Graham said Thursday.

Cruz first revealed his intention to pull US assets out of the UN in December, shortly after President Obama directed UN Ambassador Samantha Power to abstain from a vote that declared the Jewish Quarter, the Western Wall, and the Old City of Jerusalem illegally-occupied territory.

"On the way out, he's struck out repeatedly at Israel and he's done real damage," the Texas senator stated at the time.

Israel allies in Congress urgently need to do something bold to change the anti-Semitic status quo at the dictator-infested UN, suggested Cruz, adding: “If you cut off their money, that gets their attention and I think we've got real prospects of seeing this thing moved through Congress.”